Gibaltar Ledge Route
Mt. Rainier, May `98

Rainier Boys
Len D. and Yale P. just up from Paradise.

US Marine
Len in the process of getting sunburnt near Pebble Creek.

Naked Snowboader
SnowBoarder descending naked from Camp Muir.

Our snowcave home for the first night at Muir.

Gibaltar From Muir
Looking at Gibalter Rock and the approach to to the ledge route from Camp Muir.

Ridge approach to Gibaltar
Yale around 11,000' climbing the ridge toward Gibaltar Rock.

Nisqually from Gibaltar
Looking down on the Nisqually glacier from Gibaltar Ledge.

Len, Larry and Yale on the Summit.

Descending Nisqually chute
Len and Yale starting down the Nisqually Chute to get back to the Ledge route.

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