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Tiptoe 5.7+ Joshua Tree
Greetings Fellow Climbers!

Welcome to the August 2001 Update!

I still haven't posted the ice pictures from last years trip, as some of you have probably noticed I've moved the website again. I now have my own domain name and am hosting the climbing site under it. So I'm in the process of updating many of the pages but seem to have misplaced the pictures from last winter. I have posted some new shots in the Liberty Bell page. My friend Rob W. and I took a long weekend and went up to "The Bell" for some climbing. I'm planning on doing a more detailed trip report but for now we made an attempt on Liberty Crack, My 4th Rob's 1st. He did an awesome job aiding the first pitch but I wussed out and let the exposure get to me so we went back down from there. Then we went down to Mazama and did some of the sport climbs at Fun Rock. Next day we got up early and climbed the Beckey Route then rapped down and I led the North Face of Concord Tower. Sunday we went down to Leavenworth and climbed Icicle Buttress then we drove down to Yakima and climbed in the Tieton. Not as impressive as doing Liberty Crack would have been but still good climbing and a great trip with an old friend.
I hope everyone is having a great climbing season this year!

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